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Damon Smith is a Composer, lyricist, Music producer, writer, instrumentalist, film maker and performer living in Melbourne, Victoria.

As a creator, Damon invites you to pull up a seat next to him at the bar. There’s a sense of intimacy, a hint of sass, and more than a hint of the real man behind his work.


As a musician, he has performed at Theatres across Australia, written countless jingles, songs and compositions and has appeared as a session player on numerous recordings and has had his music featured on television and in short films. 

In 2016, in a short break from his music, Damon produced and filmed the youtube video performance series, 'THE NIGHT SKY IS A JEWELLERY STORE WINDOW' and made over 50 videos that featured local and international Singer-Songwriters performances.   

After Co-writing the critically acclaimed cabaret show, SUN RISING, Damon turned his hand to writing a second stage production pertaining to Mental illness named, MENTAL AS EVERYTHING. This semi-autobiographical project  also received critical success after debuting at the acclaimed, Adelaide Fringe Festival, in Feb, 2018.

Now working on a third show that details the history of the Piano and it's many players throughout the last few centuries, CRAZY ARMS is a musical adventure that spans the origins of the piano from it’s birth in 1709 through to the 20th century.



Wix Records, Jake Coldham  |, 123-456-7890



Karen Blanche  |, 123-456-7890



The Bookerz, Daniel Ku  |, 123-456-7890



That Girl Pr, Sarah Brookstone  |, 123-456-7890

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