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From the romance of the humble steam Train and music inspired by it, to tearing away stigma attached to Mental illness, Smith can see the beauty in the seemingly insignificant, writing and creating artistic content with the frequency of the tides. A highly determined and competent creative writer, in the last few years, Smith has specialised in telling stories in shows from the stages of theatres and performing arts centres all around Australia.

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"Damon's shows are very successful and well-received by standing ovations and encores. His energy, humour and talent make his shows fun and hugely entertaining." 

- Catherine Daniels, KPAC

“With its wonderful balance of music, truth, and a message to share, Mental as Everything is simply necessary viewing.”


“Mental As Everything is fun, powerful and totally immersive. Don’t miss it.”


"Multi-instrumentalist Damon Smith’s skill on the piano was almost outshone by the quirky but entertaining comedic

interludes that peppered this performance’.

- ArtsHub

"Damon Smith on piano is a

blues/boogie virtuoso”-

“Damon Smith sat at a grand piano,
exhibits his effortless ability"
- Milly Farmer

“Immediately impressive due to the significant talent of Damon Smith”.

- Tulpa Magazine

"Damon is a better than competent producer, accomplished multi-instrumentalist his track-record of successful, touring productions is impressive and well documented" - WILBUR WILDE

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